Lymphokines regulate immunoglobulin isotype expression in an antigen- specific immune response.


The control of immunoglobulin class switching appears to involve T cell- derived lymphokines. Such lymphokines have been shown to affect isotype expression in polyclonally activated B cells. We show in this paper that the same lymphokines similarly control isotype expression in an antigen- specific response acting in concert with a “T cell independent” antigen. In this situation, B cell growth factor II (BCGF II) enhances the production of antigen-specific IgM antibodies, whereas the production of antigen-specific IgG1 antibodies is only observed in the presence of B cell differentiation factor gamma (BCDF gamma). These results suggest that these lymphokines (and perhaps additional ones) are involved in the control of isotype expression in antigen-specific responses.

J Immunol