VBASE2, an integrative V gene database.


The database VBASE2 provides germ-line sequences of human and mouse immunoglobulin variable (V) genes. It acts as an interconnecting platform between several existing self-contained data systems: VBASE2 integrates genome sequence data and links to the V genes in the Ensembl Genome Browser. For a single V gene sequence, all references to the EMBL nucleotide sequence database are provided, including references for V(D)J rearrangements. Furthermore, cross-references to the VBASE database, the IMGT database and the Kabat database are available. A DAS server allows the display of VBASE2 V genes within the Ensembl Genome Browser. VBASE2 can be accessed either by a web-based text query or by a sequence similarity search with the DNAPLOT software. VBASE2 is available at http://www.vbase2.org , and the DAS server was located at www.dnaplot.com/das.

Nucleic Acids Res